The hamilton face clinic provides the highest standard of facial aesthetic work in the industry and we know this because of the repeated positive comments that come from our returning clients. Please don't take our word for it however, do your homework have a healthy scepticism and ask around. Alternatively visit us and see for yourself.

I've been to see Dr Mark Hamilton several times for Lip Fillers and Botox. Every time I'm impressed with the level of care & professionalism of service he delivers. Dr Mark goes through an in depth consultation before proceeding with each treatment to ensure you receive your desired look. I'm a beautician by trade, every aspect of the service delivered at his clinic impresses me, it is for this reason that I would recommend him to anyone considering nonsurgical facial enhancements. Jo LLoyd, Dublin

Hope you don't mind me contacting you but just wanted to say a big thank you. I love the new me. You are amazing! Maj

I was treated by you last night in Belfast, OMG I am in love with myself today. LOL. I've never looked better, cant stop looking at myself, You’re a genius, I was feeling very low in myself before, I feel great today. Thank you very much for your patience and time because I was a very nervous customer, and nearly chickened out, but it wasn't bad at all. I had a pleasant experience with you. I will come back again. Thanks again I feel great. KellyAnne

I was quite nervous about my treatment and apprehensive about how it would turn out. Mark was fantastic talked me through it and the other treatments I had researched. He made me feel very comfortable and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you Mark. I'm so over the moon with my results I can't tell you how thankful I am and couldn't have asked for a nicer doctor. Also Ailbhe your receptionist is fantastic such a nice lady!! Thank you again. Shannon Grace

The muscle relaxing injections helped my eye immensely. As i told you i suffered nerve damage due to a near fatal car accident and luckily my nerves regenerated but the eyelid was left still slightly weaker than the other. The muscle relaxing injections have made my eyelids blink in sequence with each other! Just thought id let you know. Many thanks. Sharon G

Just wanted to say thank you for fitting me into the busy clinic. Wrinkles are gone and I am delighted. Another perfect result as I have come to expect. Many thanks. Oonagh

Working as cabin crew and flying the next day I was worried about the lips looking swollen as they had been when I had tried lip enhancement with someone else before. Thank you for reassuring me and helping me to choose the right product to give my lips the perfect pout. Worked the next day and no swelling or bruising whatsoever. Im delighted with my new lips!

After coming to the clinic to see Dr Mark Hamilton for a frown lines consultation he noticed the shape of my jaw was irregular and asked me if I grinded my teeth. I have been wearing a dental guard for this for several years and in fact bitten through it numerous times. He inspected my teeth and jaw and confirmed the problem. I received muscle relaxing injections into my jaw muscles and was sceptical about what would happen. I had noticed that my headaches and pain had gone and the shape of my face had improved looking slimmer but didn't connect it. Slowly the pain started to return and only after months of being pain free did I connect the treatment. I had seen specialists in Vancover and here in Dublin about the problem and they hadn't even heard of this treatment. I even cancelled a business trip to see him again as it was the only treatment I found that worked. Cant describe how grateful I am.