About Dr Mark Hamilton

Dr Mark Hamilton is a qualified surgeon who has been working in the field of facial aesthetics over the last 19 years and has become a well respected expert during that time.

Speaker & Consultant

Often invited to speak at international conferences in facial aesthetics he has become a consultant to many of the major companies who provide products commonly used today in the industry.

Dr Mark Hamilton is regularly asked to appear on television and radio to discuss and demonstrate the latest advances in facial cosmetics and writes articles for many popular magazines and newspapers.

Qualifications & Experience

Dr Mark Hamilton qualified from Queens University in Belfast and trained as a surgeon in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

He has a background of training in maxillofacial surgery with cleft lip and palate and facial reconstructive surgery at Guys and St. Thomas' and Kings College hospital in London.

The non surgical approach to treating the face however has now become his area of interest due to impressive results with little or no downtime all without surgery. He practices full time, only in cosmetic facial aesthetics in clinics in Dublin, throughout Ireland and the UK and holds full registration with the Irish and UK medical councils and insurance to practice in both countries.

On The Forefront of The Latest Treatments

One of Marks main objectives is to bring a greater understanding of what is achievable in facial aesthetics to the public and to his other medical colleagues.

He also has an insatiable appetite to understand more about what is possible in the future in facial rejuvenation, to push the science and technology to provide newer and more exciting treatments. This often means travelling to work along side other medical colleagues practicing facial aesthetics in places such as Beverly Hills and throughout the rest of the world and gives him a unique perspective on what is currently achievable.

Working Alongside Cosmetic Companies

Dr Mark Hamilton works closely with many of the cosmetic companies in an advisory capacity and is involved in the development of new trials and studies which demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the products to patients. He also presents at conferences internationally in an independent capacity and for the cosmetic companies.

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Having been recognised as a rising star in the cosmetic industry he was invited along with several others from Europe to participate in the rising stars training programme with media and presentation skills training with Allergan who produce muscle relaxing injections and Juvederm.

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He is also part of the STAR training programme with Evolence the collagen dermal filler from Johnston and Johnston. This is a group of widely respected international cosmetic doctors who meet regularly to discuss how to continue to improve training and eduction of other product users in Europe and north america.


Email: drmark@hamiltonfaceclinic.com

Dublin & Galway Clinics: +353 83 421 7939

Belfast Clinic + (N. Ireland): +44 7572 656119

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The muscle relaxing injections helped my eye immensely. As i told you i suffered nerve damage due to a near fatal car accident and luckily my nerves regenerated but the eyelid was left still slightly weaker than the other. The muscle relaxing injections have made my eyelids blink in sequence with each other! Just thought id let you know. Many thanks.

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